Young Family Photos

Say hello to the Young Family. My wife and I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing this family for a few years now. They are some of our dearest friends and every kiddo they have is a gift straight from heaven. Big sister has some of the most gorgeous eyes on the planet, even as a baby those big browns could touch your soul. She was one of our first newborn photography sessions, and after many years of enjoying the challenge/rewards of newborn photography we are now referring all our clients with newborn needs to the amazing It was very fitting to have the Youngs be our last as one of our first.

Thank you to all our wonderful newborn baby clients, you were truly amazing and Jill will take fantastic care of you in the future. Speaking of the future, please come on back to Jack and Addi for milestone and family portraits as your kiddos and families continue to grow.

Avenlee 001 Avenlee 002 Avenlee 003 Avenlee 005 Avenlee 006 Avenlee 009 Avenlee 012 Avenlee 013 Avenlee 017 Avenlee 018 Avenlee 019 Avenlee 020


As always, head on over to our Jack and Addi Photography facebook page to see funny outtakes from the session.

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