Heather’s Maternity Photos

Last week we finally made it out to take Heather’s Maternity Photos. We are a bit late to the game, we are already officially on baby watch. Heather has been a trooper as always. Pregnancy doesn’t sit entirely well with her body. Thank you to my sweet wife for enduring with courage the development of our third child inside her body. Man that is so amazing when you think about it. As with our previous two, we are growing little future soccer players, they kick like crazy and do the mambo #5… all night long.

We still can’t agree on the name of this little girl and we are running out of time. Heather likes Huxley, I like Charlee, so for the past few weeks I have been calling her Chucksley. I tell her if she is sleeping when they bring in the paperwork I will put Chucksley Norris Kirschenmann on the  BC. Heather might change MY name if I do that though.

What do you think we should name this baby girl, Huxley or Charlee? Leave a comment below.

Heather Maternity 001 Heather Maternity 002 Heather Maternity 003 Heather Maternity 004 Heather Maternity 005 Heather Maternity 006


As always, head on over to our Jack and Addi Photography facebook page to see funny outtakes from the session.

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