Rykowski Family Photography

Recently Heather and I had the distinct pleasure of photographing some of our dear friends, the Rykowski family. Never was there a family before them with such amazing children that are so full of personality. Each of their 3 girls are so vary different from each other and yet completely belong to one another. And there baby boy, what a treat, he is going to have his work cut out for him with three older sisters for sure.

Travis said he had a “secret” place he wanted to take Darci and the kids. He said there was an old fireplace and chimney just sitting out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it used to be attached to a farmhouse that burned down, I don’t know but I am glad it was there. We spent much of our time together chasing the three girls around and climbing on the chimney.


Making pirate sounds and barking like a dog is something I can’t help but belt out when i am trying to get little kids to look my way for pictures. The kids always think I am a weirdo but it almost always works like a charm. Eventually the whole family started joining in, so much so that we ended up with a ton of pirate faced outtakes, enjoy. AAARRRRGGGGG

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