Kennidee Newborn Photography

After waiting for what always seams like a lifetime, our beautiful niece Kennidee, made the trip to our home over the holidays to have her newborn pictures taken. What a fantastic Christmas gift. I had a bit of a cold before they came so I had to keep my distance during the session. It was lots of “han-atizer” -as my kids call it- and hands off, which of course killed me not to getting to hold the baby. As luck would have it my amazing wife Heather stepped in as baby wrangler extraordinaire.

I will give all credit to Heather and Nichole (Mommy) for making the “froggy” pose happen too. It is nothing new of course, if you enjoy newborn photography you have seen it, but after a few attempts with various babies we have never gotten it to work successfully, until now. I don’t like exclamation points but I will make an exception here just this once. Whoo-hoo! In a bit I will post up a behind the scenes look at how that image is captured safely and composited together in post.


As always, head on over to our Jack and Addi Photography facebook page to see funny outtakes from the session.

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