Halloween 2015

It’s a costume party

Halloween 2015 was fun as always. I love it when Heather gets in the spirit and puts on a costume. Charlee had fun too. I took her a bit to figure out all the steps necessary to approach the door, the ritual of the candy exchange and the exit back down the stairs. People were having loads of fun with her. And by the end she was a machine.

We went trick-or-treating with many of our friends, including the Rykowski’s seen with us below. Enjoy.

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Finlayson Family Photos

The most relaxed photography sessions have to be with my family. The kids don’t always want to take direction from their uncle, but when they are young the laughter flows. This summer we got together with most of my family over the holidays. So we snuck away for a bit one evening with my sister and her beautiful family for a few portraits. We ended up on an amazing little farm and had a blast.

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Jones Family Photos

Not to be missed is the Jones family. They are dear friends of ours that moved away a few years ago. We were sad to see them leave, but it was good for them at the time. However, they have come back to us, yeah, and once again we have the pleasure of their company.

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Young Family Photos

Say hello to the Young Family. My wife and I have had the distinct pleasure of photographing this family for a few years now. They are some of our dearest friends and every kiddo they have is a gift straight from heaven. Big sister has some of the most gorgeous eyes on the planet, even as a baby those big browns could touch your soul. She was one of our first newborn photography sessions, and after many years of enjoying the challenge/rewards of newborn photography we are now referring all our clients with newborn needs to the amazing It was very fitting to have the Youngs be our last as one of our first.

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Ban Family Photos

Say Hello to the Ban Family. I say it often and mean it always, but these are truly some of the cutest kids on planet Earth. We were a little late for fall pictures on these guys. Some of the portraits I wanted to create weren’t available as 70% of the leaves had already fallen.

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Maloney Family Photos

Say hello to the newly expanded Maloney family. These are some of our dearest friends. They have been working, praying, and struggling to adopt a little baby boy for Ethiopia for going on a year or so now. And he is finally here. What a little cute ball of fun.

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2014 Halloween Party

We had another amazingly fun Halloween. Since I was a kid I have loved everything about Halloween, the trick-or-treating, dressing up, walking around with all the other people. I am loving the fact that my kids, thus far, enjoy it as well. What a fun time we will have as they get older.

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Heather’s Maternity Photos

Last week we finally made it out to take Heather’s Maternity Photos. We are a bit late to the game, we are already officially on baby watch. Heather has been a trooper as always. Pregnancy doesn’t sit entirely well with her body. Thank you to my sweet wife for enduring with courage the development of our third child inside her body. Man that is so amazing when you think about it. As with our previous two, we are growing little future soccer players, they kick like crazy and do the mambo #5… all night long.

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Gender Reveal

Well I failed as a father, no just as a photographer, well really … I failed as an instruction giver. Like many times before, Heather saw something she liked on Pinterest. It was a gender reveal by way of confetti balloon pop. Seamed simple enough I thought. Boy was I ever wrong.

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Kennidee Newborn Photography

After waiting for what always seams like a lifetime, our beautiful niece Kennidee, made the trip to our home over the holidays to have her newborn pictures taken. What a fantastic Christmas gift. I had a bit of a cold before they came so I had to keep my distance during the session. It was lots of “han-atizer” -as my kids call it- and hands off, which of course killed me not to getting to hold the baby. As luck would have it my amazing wife Heather stepped in as baby wrangler extraordinaire.

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