Katie + Brent Engagement Photos

Meet Katie and Brent. We meet this couple last year at their friends wedding. It was fantastic to see them again and we had a blast together. They showed us grace in the form of letting us bring our entire family along on the engagement shoot. Our baby sitters canceled at the last minute and we had to head out of town for Red Lodge to meet them. Everyone knows that my wife Heather joins me on the days I take pictures. They love and adore her and I want her around also. We let them know Heather would have to stay home with the kids because of this. I didn’t and don’t of course think it is professional to bring them, but faced with that or Heather not coming they said bring em… so we did.

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Kara + Jordan Engagement Photos

Meet the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Ornquist. Next week in fact we will be capturing the special moments of their sure to be amazing wedding day. These two have an amazing proposal story. I wont share it all with you here, so be sure to ask them about it next time you see them,

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Marti + Levi Engagement Photos

What a fun time we had with this lovely couple. Our plan was to take a roady to Red Lodge for some fun engagement photos for Marti and Levi, but the weather was looking, oh so rough. Large thunder storms in Billings and Red Lodge the few days before and they were still present in the forecast. I debated holding off the session, but these guys drove 200 miles to get here so that wasn’t an option.

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engagement photo shoot

Megan + Daniel Engagement Photos

Let’s meet the amazing Megan and Daniel. They are getting married in Glendive, MT next September in the same church I attended during my adolescence. We decided to travel for the engagement shoot and see them. Glendive is the home town of my wife and myself of course, so we made a little holiday of it.

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Melissa + Chris Engagement Photos

Say hello to Melissa and Chris. Last week we took a road trip to Glendive Montana to have an engagement photos session with these two. When I first met Melissa she was only 6 years old, and she new every Disney channel theme song by heart. She is the younger sister of my lovely wife, Heather, and the baby of their family. I can’t believe this day has come.

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Cassandra + James Engagement Photography

Say hello to Cassandra and James. They traveled from Eastern Montana and North Dakota to spend a cold evening with us. They are getting married in Billings this summer and we wanted to have the chance to meet them face to face before the wedding. To us, not much is more enjoyable than an engagement photography session. They are so relaxed and full of the most fun available. We had been watching the weather for weeks trying to plan the trip around the ever disappearing sun. Eventually we just decided to set a date regardless of what happened. Wouldn’t you know it, we had sun the day before and after, but gloomy city the day of our photo shoot.

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Courtney + Brandon’s Engagement Photography

Say hello to two of the funniest people in Billings. There is a lot of funny people obviously but these two are hilarious, we haven’t laughed that much in awhile. We met Courtney and Brandon last year while photographing the wedding of their dear friends Travis and Alix. Since then the few times we have gotten together have been so fun. I love outtake images from photo shoots, not the blinkers but the ones with all the shenanigans. Let’s just say these two provided plenty.

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