Terah + Tim Wedding Photography

My Brother in Law Tim married the love of his life, Terah at the end of May this summer. They exchanged their vows in the Glendive Montana stock yard sale barn. It would be an odd location for a wedding for sure, but not for these two, that is were they met. They are both country folk to the core. I didn’t know a sale barn could even clean up that nice, their wedding was beautiful.

As is tradition with the Lynn family, the wedding was not without its fair share of shenanigans.  One of the ushers dressed up like a rodeo clown, they ring was hidden down in the finger slot of a calf pulling glove, one of the wedding party couples “rode in” down the isle on stick ponies and many more laughs were had. These two are going to have a wonder life together, and I am just blessed to be a part of it. Love you Tim and Terah.


Their full storybook wedding album can be viewed here:

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