Courtney + Brandon’s Engagement Photography

Say hello to two of the funniest people in Billings. There is a lot of funny people obviously but these two are hilarious, we haven’t laughed that much in awhile. We met Courtney and Brandon last year while photographing the wedding of their dear friends Travis and Alix. Since then the few times we have gotten together have been so fun. I love outtake images from photo shoots, not the blinkers but the ones with all the shenanigans. Let’s just say these two provided plenty.

We took a road trip to Red Lodge during which they were brave enough to get into the freezing water of Rock Creek, do a piggy back ride that almost put Brandon into the drink, showed me how to fly fish, and ended the night at my favorite eatery in Red Lodge Foster and Logan’s.



Last week we wanted to take a few more pictures of them for fun, so they made up a great wedding date sign and we hopped a fence into a pasture with some long grass and trees. We only planned on a quick fifteen minutes or so just to get a few different images, but right as they started to get into a posing grove the seven or so horse that were in the fenced area wanted in on the action. They came right up and started nudging into the back of Brandon and Courtney. So funny, we couldn’t get away from them. They were following us everywhere, bumping and nudging to get petted. After what seamed like 45 minutes of trying to snap a few quick photos in between the horse photo bombs they horses lost interest and left us alone. It had been overcast all day but right as we were about to stop taking pictures, we got a quick light rain shower and the sun broke through the clouds, and we got some great backlit rain images that almost look like snowfall.

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