Charlee Rae Newborn Photos

Sorry for the delay to all my friends and family that have been asking to see Charlee’s newborn photo session. We have been quite a bit behind at getting things out lately.  I mean… we do have a new baby and everything.

She is doing amazingly well. What a blessing in a last child. By one month she was already sleeping mostly through the night, she eats very well, just like her daddy. She has been the most chill / content baby of the three by far. Bokeh is taking to her great, other than wanting to lick her face every now and then, but hey, she loves her right? Heather says no. Thanks for all the well wishes and visits, we appreciate it greatly.



Charlee Newborn 001 Charlee Newborn 002 Charlee Newborn 003 Charlee Newborn 004 Charlee Newborn 005 Charlee Newborn 006 Charlee Newborn 007 Charlee Newborn 008 Charlee Newborn 009 Charlee Newborn 010 Charlee Newborn 011


As always, head on over to our Jack and Addi Photography facebook page to see funny outtakes from the session.

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