Photography Session Prep FAQ’s

It’s normal to have questions, these are some of the more common ones we receive. If you still have questions we’re just a phone call away at 406. 794. 2593 | or click here to send us a message.

What should I wear?

The more clothes you bring, the better. You may not use them all but together we can choose the ones that go best with the backgrounds and themes you like. When viewing your photos afterwards you are going to want options, so mix it up with some dressy and some casual clothes.

If you look at the style of the subjects I photograph, you’ll notice there isn’t a ton of “matchy-matchy” here. I tend to prefer that people wear outfits that coordinate without completely matching. An outfit can make a photograph priceless. Layer with different textures like denim, sweaters or corduroy; they photograph beautifully. Hats are a great accessory and can add personality. For kids sessions I Love bare feet, or no shirt on little boys. Dress children in anything that’s them, even if that’s Superman pj’s.

General clothing rules for photography

•  avoid large logos that display a company name
•  avoid large horizontal stripes
•  wear something that is YOU (perhaps a “dressed up” version of you)

People tend to look their best and, equally important, feel their best when they wear clothes that are them. Don’t wear something that is so stiff you will only be thinking of how quickly you can change after the shoot!

What if I don’t like getting my picture taken?

Don’t be nervous, relax. Getting your picture taken is super easy, you just have to be yourself. Don‘t be afraid to laugh and act a little crazy. We already know you are cool, so don’t worry about your “image”, take Brock’s direction and loosen up. If you look nervous or stiff you won’t like the final product.

So just have fun, we can’t emphasize this enough. You really will have a good time.

How do I get the looks and images I want?

If you have specific likes or wants, please share them with us when you schedule your session. Brock is great at making them happen—he just needs to know about them. More than anything, we want to make sure you get portraits you’ll love.

It’s not uncommon for people to cut out pictures from their favorite magazine or catalog and bring them to their session. We get requests on Pintrest, people email us pictures they pull from the web, you name it. We will always try to adapt the images you bring in as we want to create something unique for you, but some targeted inspiration can be fantastic and helpful for everyone involved.

How long is a photo session?

Photo sessions usually take a couple hours, so you don’t need to ever feel rushed. We’ll stay until we feel like we’ve gotten what we need to provide you with a variety of looks and emotions.

What should I expect during a session?

In general for most sessions when we arrive at the location you’ve chosen, with my help if you wish, we’ll talk and get to know each other a bit. I’ll capture you naturally interacting with the environment around us and also pose for a few photos as well.

For kiddos and families mostly we walk from place to place, the kids will play and I’ll photograph them enjoying themselves. Or, perhaps your child will want to throw a tantrum, which is completely normal, so we’ll stop and give them time to work through it. Although I may have to sneak a few images of that upset little face. I’m a dad of two so I know kids don’t act perfect.

Photo sessions usually take a couple of hours, so you don’t need to ever feel rushed. I’ll stay until I feel like we’ve gotten what I need. I like to spend time building a relationship with you and your family in order to get everyone to relax and be their true self, and get used to the goofy guy behind the lens.

Do you provide digital files?

The simple answer is yes. Depending on the collection you choose some of your images may be included. The archival digital collection can also be added to your order a la carte.

However, for us at Jack and Addi we strive to provide each client with the very best service and final product available, a wall portrait of some kind. Unfortunately today we all consume digital images like air, we take them in without even thinking about it. Digital files are like snapshots, there are 1,000 of them on your iPhone right now. Our clients don’t hire us to give them snapshots. They hire us to provide something much more valuable. Large wall portraits of your precious loved ones are like pieces of art, that become even more valuable as time goes on. Digital files are valuable for maybe a couple of years tops then you simply move on, but a timeless picture of your kiddos or family is something you just might bring with you to the retirement home. That is a time honored value all our clients want when we ask them the question of what is truly important to them. Families want something they can cherish for years to come, and that is the value we strive to provide every one of our precious clients and why we can’t simply give them snapshots and call it a day.

The best value a digital file can ever offer is instant sharing with everyone you know. That is why we provide you the opportunity to buy and archive them if you wish. But regardless, everyone gets an online gallery to share their images with friends and family.

What time of day is best suited for outdoor portraits?

The golden hour for photography is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.  In order words, early mornings and late afternoons are the best times for outdoor portraits. On weekends we schedule morning and evening sessions and on week days we only schedule for the evening.  As most sessions last 1-2 hours we usually try to schedule shoots from around 6 to 8 pm or so depending on the time of year.

What can I bring along?

When you bring the things you love it makes your session different from others. Whatever you come with, we will create something great for you! A favorite book, sunglasses, art supplies, musical instrument, sports gear, vintage t-shirts, cameras, skateboards, or even a pet are all types of things you are encouraged to bring along.

Accessories like hats, scarves, jewelry and boots can add extra flair as well. To avoid “hat hair”, we will do those poses at the end of your session. So, whether you snowboard, wakeboard, play golf or are learning guitar, we want to see it. Bring your gear and show off your skills.

How do I prepare my child for the session?

Make sure your child is fed, well rested and ready to have a good time. It’s a good idea to tell small children they are going to “play” at the studio. We want them to feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot and with the goofy guy behind the camera.

How will you get a natural smile from my child?

We are looking to capture a range of your child’s expressions, from natural smiles to other looks and emotions. Please refrain from telling your child to “say cheese,” and avoid punishment for misbehavior. We can manage all kinds of spunky behavior. Since we have such a short time with your child sometimes rewards for following directions and good listening keeps the mood light and playful.

What is expected from parents during family and kiddo sessions?

We prefer to work as a team. You know your child better than we do. As you prepare for your portrait photography session, notice what you do or say that garners great reactions from your kiddos. Hug and kiss your kids, laugh out loud and strike a fun and festive mood. We’ll ask you to look at the camera when the timing is right, but for the most part ignore the camera.

We need to reschedule, what’s your policy?

If for any reason you are unable to make your scheduled appointments please call us at 406.794.2593 to reschedule with 72 hours advance notice to avoid a $50 rescheduling fee.

What if an outdoor session is rained out?

We will reschedule your session as soon as our schedule and the weather allows.

When will we see our proofs?

In the weeks after your photographs are taken, they will be processed and prepared for professional retouching. As a reminder it will be about 30 days for your images to be completed (90 days for wedding clients). When they are finished we will bring you back in to see your images, drink some coffee and enjoy a personal ordering appointment to ensure you get the best selection to suit your home and lifestyle. After your order is complete we will create a web gallery that will stay open for one month, so you can share your photos with friends and family.

Can I put the photos on my blog or Facebook?

ABSOLUTELY! If you see your images on our facebook page, please tag yourself so they go on your page. Once you place your order, shortly there after we will put a highlight of your session up on our blog and you can share those also. We would love it however if you would please just leave our logo on your images when reposting them.

Is your pricing online?

From the calls we receive we know that price is one of the top questions people ask us about. We believe that choosing a portrait photographer based on the price of an 8 x 10 can lead to pretty severe disappointment after it is all said and done. Our prices are based on a number of factors like providing an unrestricted time and location photo session, highly qualified & friendly staff and a one-of-a-kind custom photography experience.

If you are still curious…our 8 x 10 portraits start at $50, canvas wraps start at $226 and custom portrait artwork creation is $149 on top of the base price of a standard product. If your still really curious… yes our prices can be found under the investment tab.

But we sincerely encourage you to call us or even come in for a complimentary photo planning session and we’ll take that opportunity to show you how a boutique photography studio can knock it out of the park with unique services and details tailored for you needs.

How do I schedule a session?

You can always call, email or contact us through our online form to start the process, or come in for a complimentary portrait planning appointment . We offer a limited number of photo sessions each week; your retainer reserves your session. This fee is non-refundable, but should you be unable to attend your session and provide 72 hours notice, we will issue a transferable gift certificate for you or a friend.

When do I pay for my session?

A $50 non-refundable retainer will hold your date and go towards your session fee, the remainder of which is due in full on the day of your photo shoot. Any print orders must be paid in full once your order has been placed.  Please allow approximately 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of products.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. You will be able to order prints and products later through cost saving collections, and you may choose to supplement your order a la carte. Minimum print purchase requirement is $425.

What is the pay schedule for weddings?

A $600 non-refundable retainer fee and contract will hold your date and go towards your total investment, the remainder of which is due in full 30 days prior to your wedding date.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

What is a parent album?

These wedding storybook albums are truly spectacular. Parent albums are an exact duplicate of the main wedding book. They are offered at a reduced rate so everyone can enjoy a full set of images that tell the complete story from the wedding day. Regardless of how large the main album gets the price of the parent albums stay the same low flat rate. This is a purchase you will cherish for a lifetime!

Can I bring someone with me?

Absolutely! Most seniors find it more comfortable to bring Mom, Dad, a brother or sister, or a friend along. Someone with the skill to make you laugh is a perfect photo mate.

We’ve found that this is a special event for parents to be a part of as well. Not only do we get the special smile you want, but we often see tears and excitement as you watch your son or daughter grow up right in front of you.

What if my parents and I don’t agree on the images?

Tattoos, piercings and facial hair are all part of your style. But make sure that you take photos your parents will enjoy as well. Think of it as a trade off. If you do some poses with the accessories that your parents like, then they will let you wear the stuff you like for others.

What about my yearbook photos?

Your yearbook image is included FREE and we’ll send it to your school for you. Please know and relate to us your yearbook entry deadline, and double check to ensure your image has arrived. If you don’t know the date, ask your school yearbook advisor.


There are several ways to contact us. Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions.