Hello, I am Brock.

I am lucky enough to have my amazing wife, Heather, as my assistant most days. Together we work to ensure you have the most amazing day, whether that’s your wedding day, a special moment with loved ones or chasing your kiddos around the park. We give God glory for using our work to show people just how beautiful and unique He created them. It’s an incredible blessing, capturing those simple moments spent with the ones we love.

We love to create emotional photographs, the kind you can’t stop looking at. Portraits are much more than simple pictures, the secret is in the emotion we capture for you. Our goal isn’t to take the same boring 8×10 snapshots you hang on the wall and then swap out of the frames every year. We want to show you how easy it is to fall in love with custom portrait artwork, to experience the things we cherish, heart tugging large portraits accenting your walls, home and life. Literally artwork of your family you can cherish and hand down for generations. Something to put up and keep up on the wall, for years to come. Digital files are only valuable for a few years tops, then you simply move on, but a timeless portrait of the people and things you love most is something you just can’t take your eyes away from. When we ask our clients what’s truly important to them, that’s always the answer. Spectacular emotional simple photographs.

We would love to learn more about you and how we may be able to help decide if we are the right team to document the love you share.

People always assume my name is Jack, and my wife’s name is Addi, and rightfully so. I mean that is the name of our studio. When I tell them we are Brock and Heather, they say…

What? I thought that was your names. Than who is Jack and Addi?

Find the answer below, along with some common guesses.

Is it your names?

No, I am Brock and my lovely wife is Heather.

Is it your alter egos?

No, I would be Brockly, a name I grew up with, and Heather would be grandma Yakimoto, it’s an inside joke, ask her about it.

Is it the names of your kids?

Yes it is. Two of our sweet kiddos, Addison and Jackson.

The same question always follows. “What if you have another kid?”

Well… we do, Charlee. The simple answer is she’s out of luck, we can’t change it now. We will find something very special just for her as she grows up.